Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Remember Your Legacy too!

When the spirit of Jannette told her story to me as I relayed in Investigative Medium - the Awakening,  I became her mouthpiece to bring her back from the antebellum South––to preserve her history. I wish we all knew more about those who made us what we are today. Last week, my ninety-five-year-old cousin passed, and I was asked to speak at her funeral. A million thoughts  crossed my mind, but not one of them contained information about our complete ancestry, or any stories she would have liked told.  I wish I had asked more. Done more.

While reflecting on my prospective eulogy, I received a phone call (okay really a Facebook message then a phone call) from my old friend, David Ivy, from my hometown of Atlanta. David has been a well known sportscaster and an award-winning producer for over twenty-five years, and I’ve always enjoyed his insight. We discussed my upcoming release, Real Daughters, and I explained how important it is that the history of the daughters of Confederate soldiers be recorded. Because David often regaled stories like his great grandmother’s account of  burning of Atlanta,  I knew he felt my lust for history too.

David suggested I video my interviews so my audience can sense in more ways than reading.  He’s right, but for many reasons I hesitate, because I lack professional equipment, editing capabilities, and production experience. But David had the perfect solution.

He told me about his production company’s recent venture, Your Legacy Videos (www.yourlegacyvideos.com).  His team makes professional  documentary videos to preserve life stories, memories, events, visions and achievements for generations to come.  They develop masterful high definition factual stories, and will visit your home or office for taping.  If only I had done this with my parents!

His work excited me so much that I wanted to share it with you. I know you will enjoy visiting his web site and seeing some of the family history he has recorded at www.yourlegacyvideos.com.   In addition, Your Legacy Video makes a unique and meaningful gift for your loved ones, whether you record your story for your children, or whether you give your parents or grandparents the gift of their own documentary.

Imagine a world where you come to know more about your great, great grandparents than the black and white egg shaped picture of two frowning old people. What if you saw them laugh, heard their stories in their own voice, and saw yourself in their eyes? How would you feel?



Visit www.yourlegacyvideos.com  for more information and to see some of the videos already completed! Or, you can call 1.800.632.7267.