Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Cleanse Negative Energy

I’ll never forget going to my daughter’s fourth grade winter concert and listening to the other moms talk about their Christmas vacation.  The O’Hairs went to Walt Disney World, the Webbs went to the beach, and then it was my turn.   I didn’t think my husband would approve if I told these women I stayed home and performed an exorcism, but I would have liked to have seen their faces, if I did share this news. I paused as I contemplated how much to say.

“Oh, you know, we celebrated Christmas, visited some historic sites, the usual.” I stopped there, and they all turned back to their conversation not really knowing how to respond to such a sad, uneventful story.  But that’s the story of my life.  My close friends love to hear about my adventures, but sometimes, I have to leave reality at the door for the good of my children, parochial school, and those who may not want their kids playing with a child who sees ghosts and  doesn’t even care.

I like to watch CIA thrillers and pretend to understand how these agents feel, taking their children to swim meets and soccer practices, then rushing off in the middle of the night to detain terrorists at Dulles International Airport, and then back home to make pancakes with whipped cream smiley faces by morning.  I live the most honestly deceitful life I know.  And I love every minute of it.

If you’ve read the excerpt of my book, you know I live in a new house on an old plantation.  When you read my book, you will know the horror of our first months here, and how I had to cleanse my house.  It was a hard time for me, and for my family.  The spirits didn’t all come with the house, but when word got out that I could hear them and see them, they came from all around to get my attention.  In other words, I was haunted.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people have told me stories of unwanted hauntings, so I feel it is necessary to explain how to take care of ridding yourself of unwanted energy. I had to learn myself, and I hope to make it easier for others.

When you walk into a room where people have had an argument, you may be able to sense it.  The energy feels different.  When a friend is mad, you may be able to feel that too.  Our emotions are energy, and we can leave behind this energy.  When I say energy, this can be spirits or ghosts, or it can also be just plain energy, or emotions.  Positive energy and positive thoughts attract positive energy, and negative thoughts (and deeds) attract negative energy.  This is not necessarily ghosts, and it is not demons.  It is just energy that is attracted to an energy source to live. It is parasitic and is often attracted to like energy, but can also wander in with guests, contractors, or those who may service  or visit your home. Many people assign names to this energy, but in essence everything is just energy, and I define these by their nature- negative or positive energy.

If you are moving into a new house, you may want to remove the energy of anything which may have happened there before you arrived. It is always a good idea to cleanse your home whether you’ve lived in it for years or are just moving in, although rarely do people do this unless they find themselves with a haunting.

“Hurry and get over here!  I have a demon in my closet!” If you’ve sent me an email with this line as the subject, take a deep breath.  First of all, when you are sensitive, energies, entities, ghosts, or whatever is in your closet may feel malevolent.  Only with experience comes the gift of discernment, so please don’t jump to conclusions if you are scared.   Ninety-nine out of a hundred times, that scary thing in your closet is just a ghost, or the air conditioning unit.  Just because something makes the hair stand up on your neck, does not mean it is bad.  How would you feel if you died and ended up in someone’s closet?  Well, you probably don’t want them chasing you around with sage and screaming at you.  Ghosts are people too.

Second, Asking me for help won’t do the trick.  I can come over and get rid of your ghosts, demons, negative energy and all the scary stuff, but it is your house and they know it.  If you are not the one to cleanse your house, they won’t take you seriously, and they may come right back.  You have to take control and do the cleansing yourself for it to work.  Or, at least be part of the process  and demand they (it) leave. You can have a sensitive with you if you need help in feeling if energy has changed, but ultimately, you have the responsibility to get the job done right.  Ministers and priests can also help if you feel more inclined, but you must be the one to take control and keep control.  

Control is the most important part of the process of expelling anything unwanted from your home.  If your will is firm and unyielding, it will leave.  If you are scared because you are hearing voices, seeing shadows, or feel things that go bump in the night, you need to tell them that they bother you and they must leave you alone.  When you hear them, tell them you hear them, and that is NOT okay.  Ask them to please leave you alone so you will not be disturbed.  Be firm but not outraged.  Remind them that it is your home and ask them to respect your wishes.

Don't try to figure out what or who is there. The more evp you get, the more excited they get, and more come.  The more you talk with ghosts in your home, or attempt to talk with them, the more active they will be. More will come because you are trying to reach them.  When more come, you’ll feel more, hear more, and see more. Don’t make this mistake.  Your home is your sanctuary. Don’t treat it like a venue for your personal paranormal investigations, unless you like hearing and seeing them. In that case, you would not be reading this blog. Don't use a pendulum at home.  Let them know your home is a place of immunity where you can be yourself, and you don't want to be bothered there.

Then, I would do the cleansing I've outlined below.

There are lots of Internet sites which tell you how to cleanse your house, but I have never found any which have given me as detailed information as I am going to give you.  My friend and colleague, Sensitive Patty Wilson, told me how to do this when I started working on murder cases years ago, and I started getting “the icky stuff” in my home.  It really works.

And before I go any further, I will tell you I am a Christian, and you must have faith in God for this to work.  Prayer is highly underestimated, and it does work.  We get what we ask for; we really do!  You must have faith, and you will be protected.  I have known a couple of very nice Wiccans who also cleanse homes.  The cleansing has worked well by bringing the good energy of mother earth into several homes.  However, I was contacted when a demonic entity could not be expelled this way.  My theory is that the Wiccans were relying on that which was good and of the earth, not the creator of all things earthly.  God is the ultimate good, and to Him we must go for all things pure and good. No matter what your religion, if you do not believe in that which is higher than yourself, this won’t work.  Every religion has its own way of expelling negative energy, and asking the creator, the Universal being of love and light, to do the work. This is God, no matter what name She/He is given, and with faith it will work. 

If you feel that a person is in need of an exorcism, that is reason to call the Catholic Church.  There are dedicated priests and an arm of the church which deals with exorcisms.  There are many stages, and an exorcism takes time, observation, and much documentation.  My purpose here is to explain how to cleanse your home of negative energy.


In preparation for the cleansing, you should be well rested.  I cannot stress this enough.  You may become exhausted doing this, depending on what you encounter.  Working with spirits takes a lot of energy.  Whether you realize you are expending energy or not, you are.  Spirits use energy to communicate, manifest, and exist in this realm.  Whether they hang out near a fuse box, a water source, or you, they are pulling energy to exist.  Don’t be surprised if you are very tired after the cleansing.

What you’ll need:
A supportive friend
Sea salt
Prayers, hymns, Bible or prayer book

You may want some sea salt, or some people use sage.  Holy water is fine too.  But honestly, I’ve never seen an entity scared of sage, or sea salt for that matter.  It is the prayer which works.  However, I believe using these are metaphors for what you want to accomplish. Spirits will see and hear you and know your intention. 

I am highly allergic to burning sage, so I never use it.  I do use sea salt on occasion because sea salt is a cleansing agent, and that is the point of the cleansing.  I have holy water, and I will use it on occasion to mark doors and entrances when I encounter a demonic entity, but that is not common.

The size of your house and your property will determine how much sea salt you will need, but for a three bedroom house on a half acre, you may want to put about 1/4 to a half cup of sea salt in a small open container to use.  If you have a farm with a lot of acreage, you’ll need more, of course.  We are going to make sure all of your property is cleansed.

Some people use the Bible, which is always a good source. I also use a book called Armor of God by Dave Juliano.  Armor of God is a compilation of many prayers, used by a variety of Christian belief systems, to protect oneself and others from negative entities or evil spirits.  There are prayers for personal protection and the protection of others, as well as prayers for spiritual welfare, exorcism and deliverance.  You may want the book just as a good resource whether you are asking for protection as you sleep, or as an aid for spiritual assistance.  However, this is not yet available as a download, so you’ll want to order it in time to receive it in the mail before the cleansing.

I like to have someone with me, and I have suggested you have a supportive friend. 
Your support person can help you feel when the room feels lighter, happier, or has a different emotion.  And, you have someone to help if you need it.  I came across a situation where I needed help, and I was very glad to have the support.  At the Tillie Pierce House in Gettysburg, I was checked into the blue room for the night.  I walked in and right back out, as I could barely breathe.  The owners of the inn explained they had a few “runners” from that room, or in other words, guests who literally ran out of the inn in the middle of the night, never to return. Of course, every innkeeper always thinks it is fun to put me in the haunted room.  Fun for them, not me!

As I investigated the situation, I found a soldier who had never crossed over into Heaven.  This ghost was not in his right mind, and he was hiding with no inclination that he was dead.  He was a Union soldier behind Confederate lines, and he was scared he would be caught.  When he heard my Southern accent, he roared at me to “GET OUT”, and then he just disappeared.  I discovered he was going directly upstairs into the attic and hiding under the rafters.  I couldn’t reason with him, and I did not sleep in that room that night.  I like my rest and it is no fun to be demeaned. If I wanted that, I have teenagers at home.

The next night, a group of paranormal investigators came to film there, and they didn’t have a psychic, so they asked me to help them figure out what was going on.  I was having an event at the Ghosts of Gettysburg Headquarters next door, so during a break, I stopped by the Tillie Pierce House with another investigator who I was working with for the weekend.  I went into the attic, and the nasty spirit was once again hiding under the rafters, and he wouldn’t leave.  He screamed at me to leave him alone, so I did not approach him, but I explained that I was there to help him.  He calmed down, and relieved, I shifted my weight onto my left foot.  The board was not nailed down and as my ankle turned, I fell straight down through the attic floor and into the room below.  I looked like a wishbone as one foot was stuck above my head in the attic, and the other foot was hanging below the ceiling, well into the blue room below.  I remember seeing the carpet come up at me.  The other investigator with me was a burly 6 foot 3, and he reached down, scooped me up, and pulled me back into the attic.  I think that was the paranormal feat in this story.  The entire embarrassing moment was caught on film, much to my chagrin.  So, another person is always helpful, if only for safety- or rescue!


The Cleansing:

Before you begin, say a prayer of protection.  Ask God to come around you and protect you, and that His angels may shield you and those with you from any negative energy during the process.  You can also visualize a bubble of white light around you.  Ask Him to help you to bring love, and expel any negative energy.

With a container of sea salt in tow, go to the bottom floor of the home, whether this is a basement or first floor.  You do not need to go into a crawl space.  You will walk room by room through the floor, and in each room, you will walk the perimeter and sprinkle a tiny amount of salt.  While you sprinkle the salt, you will say in an assertive voice, “I command all destructive entities leave this person, this place, and this property, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”  Once you say this, begin saying it again.  You will say it hundreds of times, by the end of the cleansing.   Be sure to say it as I have because if there are negative entities, you don’t want to play semantics games with them. Ordering them off the people, place, and property makes it clear you want them gone from everyone and everything.  I’ve made that mistake before, and that’s another learning experience I won’t discuss here.
Continue from room to room, and don’t forget the closets.  You don’t want any energy to remain.  Sprinkle salt behind dressers and around the perimeter of the closets and utility rooms.
When you have finished with that floor, say a hedge prayer from the Armor of God, and/or pray the Lord’s prayer. You will feel a sense that the room is lighter. 

The hedge prayer asks God to put a hedge around the home to protect those within.  I also pray that any energy may leave, but no new energy may enter.  I tend to put the sign of the cross with my hand, above windows and doors and pray nothing will enter through those passages.

After step 3, I go to the next higher floor and repeat the steps, and then the next higher floor and repeat the steps until the house is cleansed.  Then, walk outside and do the same around the perimeter of the house, and then again around the perimeter of the property.  I pray and ask God to put angels at the corners of the property to keep everyone within safe. 

Remember, these are spiritual prayers and God will make sure that unwanted spirits do not set foot on the property.  So, please don’t be mad at me if your mother-in-law continues to drop in unexpectedly.

Throughout the cleansing, if you feel that you need extra help, more time in an area, or if there is something which still will not leave, please pray.  Just stop anywhere you feel is necessary and let your senses be your guide.  Say prayers, demand it leave and white light and angels come.  I have called on archangel Michael in sticky situations with stubborn energy too. I have also been known to sing the children’s song, Jesus Loves Me when I can think of nothing else to say, or I’ve exhausted all the prayers I know.

On occasion, I visit locations where I feel something malevolent, and it is built up energy from arguing, rather than an entity. People at the location may have treated each other with anger and disrespect, and this energy becomes residual.  If you are helping someone with the cleansing,  and if you have reason to believe there is something malevolent and it is not your house, please be sure to instruct the owners to stand their ground and be assertive, without being violently angry.   Some negative entities see anger as a smorgasbord and may hop on for the free meal. The energy which accompanies anger is strong, and it can fuel a negative entity instead of turn it away. Do not taunt the negative entity, and do not try to hold a two way conversation. In this situation, without the aide of a medium, use your senses. You do not need to know what exactly you are dealing with, if you do what I have explained.  Do not try to use a pendulum, by any means, and do not try to get evp once you have determined its nature. Just tell it to leave, and call on God for help.


Also, after the cleansing, there are things which can be done to make sure the house is light and has good energy, especially if there was good cause to cleanse the house to start. 
Don’t argue
Play happy music to change the vibration, such as Hildegard Von bingan
Do not watch crime dramas or particularly violent movies
Continue to live peacefully, and continue to pray to God to be with you in your home.

Every night I pray and ask God for angels to stand guard around the beds of my children.  And when I pray, they sleep at peace from other-worldly interference.

Once when cleansing my own house, I heard crying in a closet in my daughter’s room.  When I went upstairs, I realized that the ghost of the little girl in our home was scared I was trying to make her leave.  Since she was only six when she died, and she never crossed into Heaven, her child-like mind was without the ability to understand my intention.  I explained to her that I meant for “destructive” entities to leave, and that meant bad stuff, and she was a good little girl.  She was relieved, and I learned to be sure and explain what I am going to do before I begin.

I have learned from experience that ghosts are often confused about where to go, so I try to clarify.  Since I live on an old plantation, I am the intruder, and I have told the ghosts who lived here previously, that they can stay.  However, new ghostly visitors have to go.  I want to know who is in my house all the time. Most of the time, the existing ghosts ask them to leave, but there are times when I have to actively take charge. You may want to do the same as you cleanse.

I often start the cleansing with a prayer to protect myself, and I may say a hedge prayer.  Then I talk to all the ghosts and explain what my intentions are and why.  I express what the owners want in terms of who must leave, and who can stay.  I then tell the ghosts that if they want to go to Heaven, I will cross over everyone at the conclusion of the cleansing, and they can meet me at a specified location.  I say this on every floor I cleanse, and I ask them to tell their friends.  After I am done, I cross them into Heaven.  And those instructions will be in another blog, if you so desire.

Good luck!

Many blessings,


Unknown said...

I must say that this is one of the best 'articles' that I have ever read as to how to cleanse your house from unwanted energies! I often use sage, but I get what you are saying and prayer is always the way!!! It is a must! Thank-you and WELL DONE!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I must say that this is one of the best 'articles' that I have ever read online on how to get rid of unwanted energies. I am so happy that you point out that prayer is the necessary thing. I use sage, and end all of my prayers with "In Jesus name". Please do not try this until you are confident in yourself and can stay firm and in control. Thankyou and WELL DONE!!

Laine said...

Thank you so much, Teva!I really appreciate your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Hello, can negative energy in a house be identified by lots of bad luck? ie. We bought a house 5 years ago and so much has gone wrong that I am slowly convinced that it really is the house and surrounding area itself. Despite our intentions to live in peace and dignity we have only been constantly harassed by one very malevolent neighbour. (who most people seem to be afraid of), my husband has started drinking very heavily,and I became so ill at ease living there (due to being terrorized by the said neighbour) that I abandoned all of our things and fled to another country. I live mostly alone as my husband has to travel for work. I understand that the previous owners also had issues - the wife was afraid to go there at all. Could negative energy in a house or area bring about such hostility or is this all just something else ie. an ignorant xenophobic who wants to drive everyone away?

Anonymous said...
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Laine said...

Anonymous, the simplest answer is that yes, it is a possibility. Patty Wilson, who I mentioned in this blog, has told me many stories for years about occurrences where a location has had negative energy for generations. I have emailed her asking for the name of a book she can suggest for you to read about this. In the meantime, a good cleansing of your house is in order. I don't know if you read my book, Investigative Medium - the Awakening, I just released. It is my story of becoming psychic and a very scary haunting I dealt with in my home with my family. I turned this blog into another book or "guide" too give people a step-by-step description of what to do in the case of negative energy. I'll post the reading recommendation when I have it.You may also want to read my Awakening book, as well.

janet said...

For years i had this problem it scares me everyday,sometimes it calls me sounding like my daughter i really don't know what to do maybe you could answer my question can spirits be attached to a person flo long period off time? Janetsntg@yahoo.com

Laine said...

I have heard this quite a lot, in fact, I grew up in a very haunted house, and I heard spirits call me all the time––ones that sounded like my parents when my parents were not at home. It happened so often that I could not differentiate. Not knowing the circumstances, I can't comment on this particular case, so I don't want to scare you. But yes, spirits can be attached to people, places, things, property, and also just come and go. First of all, please don't be scared. There is really nothing to be scared about. You are in control, and you need to remember that you have the control. Spirits may be trying to connect with you because they like you and they don't mean to scare you. Ghosts and spirits are everywhere, and thoughts are things- we call our loved ones to us with our thoughts. So if you think about your deceased grandmother, she'll think about you and she may come to be with you. So don't worry. And, you can also just ask them not to call you. And as you read in my blog, if it is malevolent and you are scared, don't show fear, don't question, just tell it to leave.

You may benefit from reading my book, Investigative Medium - the Awakening. It sounds like you are somewhat sensitive and I went through a lot and took control and learned to deal with it all. You can check out my home page for more information. And, please cleanse your house :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read this article, I don't know if we have ghosts but definitely neg energy. My husband is more ill that ever, my son became addicted to heroin, my younger son and I deal with depression..all since we mover into our home 5 years ago. I will be doing a cleansing tomorrow. Thank you for the information !

Anonymous said...

I came on to this site tonight to seek help in finding better cleansing techniques than I've been using to rid my home of a very dark entity, since my "usual" is not working.
Thank you for your blog, as it was extremely helpful and I will be taking your advices this weekend.
MEANWHILE, to all the bloggers, one thing I like to say about spirits, or explain, is to remind people that spirits are very simply PEOPLE who no longer have bodies. They are just PEOPLE, like us, only with no body now, and we don't always need to be afraid.....Picture yourself sitting in a room full of bodied, alive people. BUT, with the exception that at the time of death, compounded emotions and confusion occur. A basically good person will die then stay good, whether clear or confused about being dead. A rotten jerk, per se, will not, and will likely gather and accumulate or be attracted to, or attract, bad energy and emotions, which sometimes grows into what a lot of folks know as destructive ghosts, demons, etc.
I hope I haven't overstepped by writing all this, and that it is helpful. Your site really helped and re-peeked my interest in publicly expressing what you talk about. I wish more people were as understanding and savvy as you.
As a PS, I understand about having to curb a lot of what I say and do with others...I enjoy both my religion and my Psychologist, but both those counselors would lock me up in a straight jacket if I just told them the above beliefs. LOL. Thanks for the forum. :-)

Anonymous said...

Every time my daughter's father enters my home there's a sense of negativity that brings me down and feels like he's out to destroy me. I allow him to see my daughter or get her bc I truly believe in coparenting and getting along for the sake of our daughter. We can go a week in peace and get along but once I allow him to enter my home to spend together with our daughter there's a huge sense of negativity and we start arguing and fighting and I find myself a mess after he walks out. Can I cleanse my home and my daughter and myself the same way. I just think he has a strong negative cloud that surrounds him

Anonymous said...

Won't the salt get vacuumed up later? Is that okay

Laine said...

Yes, that's fine! It's really all about the prayer. Sorry for the late response!